Our Services

PMPM Cost Data Services
BSGA will acquire, process, and maintain a data warehouse of relevant medical claims, prescription drug claims, and enrollment data from your carrier(s) using our QlikView technology. Monthly feeds will be obtained, processed, and published for your use. 

Episode of Care Analytics  
At your request, BSGA will run your data through Optum™ Symmetry® suite software program:

• Episode Treatment Groups®
• EBM Connect®
• Episode Risk Groups®
• Procedure Episode Groups®

QlikView Application
Using QlikView’s advanced data visualization and analysis products, BSGA will provide you with an accessible QlikView application training and support. The application will include standardized dashboard queries of the claims data on financial and utilization measures as defined for you, including the ability for users to drill down or aggregate data according to their needs (ad hoc basis).

Reporting Services
BSGA reports serve as foundational benchmarks that help you measure trends. 

Planning and Consulting Services 
BSGA will develop a final detailed implementation plan, then meet with you on a regular basis to review progress. 

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