Health Care Data Analytics

BSG Analytics™ reveals the whole picture of medical care costs, instead of individual pieces of the puzzle—so you can make better-informed decisions.

BSG Analytics™, LLC (BSGA) is founded on 30 years of data collection and analytics in the employee benefits and health care industries. With our uniquely proprietary data warehouse comprised of employer, provider, carrier and pharmaceutical data, we'll pinpoint your problem areas and work toward solutions.

Here at BSGA, we look at total cost of health care and focus on bending the trend. Analyzing only unit price prohibits your organization from demonstrating its true value proposition. Our clients are consistently concerned with excelling in Quality, Efficiency, and Outcomes. Anyone can compete on unit price, but how does your company compete on the values that matter most to your customers? Do you have the tools and resources to analyze your data in a comprehensive, regional and national environment to clearly define your value proposition and measure ongoing results? This is our core specialty.

Our analytics are tailored for any organization related to health care, such as Insurance Agents and Consultants, Provider Systems, Carriers and Health Plans, as well as specialty providers, such as pharma and physician specialty groups. We integrate your data with our proprietary data warehouse and benchmark against the national standards to provide you with holistic analyses of your performance. Our analytics allow you to identify your champions and outliers and give you sound, validated business intelligence to bolster your decision support. We'll identify your opportunities for improvement, as well as the ROI associated with those improvements, to clearly leverage your financial, clinical and operational performance for internal and external customers.

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